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Our History

A-Team Renovations was uniquely founded as a result of dealing with general contractors for our own investment properties. We found the process to be frustrating, mostly due to the lack of communication and commitment to quality.


Therefore, over a three-year process, we were able to build a team of subcontractors and employees to deliver projects that met our expectations. Then, as COVID-19 hit, we started to perform projects for homeowners looking to remodel their homes. This led to our current service offerings for renovating any aspect of a home!

Who Are We

Over the years, our team has performed several renovations of all types.  Our range of services goes from small bathroom remodels to taking a house down to the studs and adding square footage.  We have been able to renovate homes that were on the verge of teardowns!

We realize that renovating a home is filled with decisions, surprises, and changes.  We take care to communicate with the homeowners proactively and consistently to ensure they understand the process.


Mariqus Alexander


The first time I was exposed to real estate was in 2006 by a high school friend who was a real estate wholesaler and convinced me to buy a group of 3 investment properties. Then in 2016, I had an opportunity to purchase my grandparent’s home.  So, I renovated and sold one of the first 3 properties and bought my childhood home, renovated it, and leased the property. 

Initially, our intent was to buy properties for rentals only and as long-term investors. However, the real estate market began to appreciate quickly, and houses were selling for top dollar. We renovated a house we intended to rent but instead rehabbed for a flip. After working on this project, I realized that I truly enjoyed the process of taking old rundown houses and turning them into something gorgeous. At that point, I realized I wanted to begin a career in real estate investing.  

Then, in 2020 COVID-19 put a pause on our real estate investing due to the shutdown of our economy.   We had labor available but no houses to rehab.  However, we were asked to renovate a bathroom for a homeowner, and it gave our guys something to work on.  I treated this rehab as if it were my own property and was committed to delivering a great product for the client. Word spread and before you know it, we had several jobs lined up to rehab baths, kitchens, and even full renovations.  By the end of 2020, we had a construction company in full swing specializing in renovating homes for homeowners. 

I learned early on that when renovating properties, there are issues you discover once you get behind the walls. There is always a surprise once you begin the process of doing a full rehab. However, I’ve learned to take some things into consideration and warn our clients of the possible issues that arise when performing a renovation.

Our company believes it is important to provide our clients with proactive communication and accountability. The construction process is one that is dependent on several moving parts. No matter how well we plan, things happen that can affect timelines, outcomes, etc. We use technology to monitor our projects and keep the clients updated throughout the life cycle of the project. Mistakes happen during the construction process, but we assure our clients that we will not run, hide, and/or point the finger when there is an error made. We make sure to recognize and rectify any mistakes made during a project. The most important aspect of a renovation project is to meet and/or exceed the client’s expectation. We work with them at the beginning and throughout the process to ensure we are on the same page to avoid any surprises and deliver a project the client is ecstatic about.